04/09/2013 21:48

I DECLARE Growth, Explosion, and Expansion 
I DECLARE a tremendous God release towards us in an unprecedented way 
I DECLARE that what has not been permissible the day before is permissible today 
I DECLARE that what could not be done the day before is now being done today 
I DECLARE that what was illegal the day before is legal today
I DECLARE the benefits of the shifting within the structures of the Kingdom of God 
I DECLARE the pouring out of oil on us that we may walk as kings 
I DECLARE fresh oil released 
I DECLARE it shall change our very essence and our being 
I DECLARE the Anointing for kings released in this house, and in the body of Christ 
I DECLARE recompense. (something given or done to make up for loss) 
I DECLARE repayment 
I DECLARE the vengeance of the Lord 
I DECLARE acceleration for the body of Christ 
I DECLARE the rising of kings

Lord I DECLARE You are the Breaker--- the one who opens the way.
NO way is impenetrable to You. You will break open any route or way that You have ordained for us
To go through. God, be the battering ram who breaks open the way........
You are our Conqueror and our Deliverer
I DECLARE that you shall break every gate. Every prison that holds us back..
I DECLARE that You are the one who burst open and sets us free
I DECLARE of You, that You are the one who says to the north " give them up "and to the south
" Do not keep them back"
I DECLARE divine intervention
I DECLARE in You, we shall breakthrough