About Us

Our commitment is to stand firm in our actions and the Word of God which we believe and know will provide results and positive changes in our nation. To achieve this, we have a team of leaders and visionaries who every day make possible the transformation we want. Also have a very well  welcomes people of all ages, vocational and educational levels, who wish to be linked to the social impact actions. 

Our Plan is to Develop, Educate, Equip and Encourage the believer to reach their destiny in Jesus Christ which will in turn guarantee them VICTORY! 

The Apostolic and Prophetic mantle and Five fold ministry is evident on Pastor's Davis & Wendy Lives and Ministry. We seek for all to develop a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, practice living the word of God in individuals, spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological, financial, and physical needs. Our Mandate is to Raise up a People who will refuse the status quo of Religion and seek to Explore the Depths of God and be Radical to start a Revolution to bring Reformation to the church to BE the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Bride of Christ without Spot and Wrinkle.

o    We are God's people  with a Heart to reach out to a lost and dying world with the Truth and Power of the WORD for such a time as this, to manifest the love of God!  

o    When you walk through our doors you will encounter the Contemporary praise and worship, miraculous, the supernatural, and the presence of God! 


   Our Desire is to develop, educate and encourage the believer to reach their destiny in Jesus Christ which will in turn guarantee them 100% VICTORY!

TENETS   (What we Believe)

  1. The Bible is Divinely Inbreathed, Infallible & Authoritative Word of God.(Rom1:16,Heb4:12)

  2. There is only One God (John17:3), Eternally Existent in the persons of the Holy Trinity.(Mk12:29, John1:1-4,

  3. In holy living, the Present day Realism of the Baptism in and with the Holy Spirit and the Baptism with Fire in accordance with Acts 2:4, the nine-fold gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit.(Matt3:11;Acts4:3-4, 1Cor12:4-5,11-13,19Ep4:11;Gal5:22-23)

  4. To Glorify God through the Fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt28:19-20) & in the Spirit if the Great Commandment (Matt22:37-39)

  5. Proclaiming the Authority of God's Word without Apology (2Tim4:2)

  6. Lifting High the Name of Jesus through Worship & Lifestyle (Mk12:30, 1Cor3:16-17)

  7. Lead God's people to lift Praise, Worship, Prayer (Neh12:45-46, Ps66:1-4, Ps95:1-2)

  8. Emphasize fresh & Contemporary Expressions while retaining elements that recognize the richness of our Heritage of the Faith (Deut32:7, Ps33:3, Isa46:8-9, Matt13:31, Eph5:19, Rev5:9)

  9. Pursue Excellence in Everything, Knowing that God is Worthy of Our Best (Deut17:1, Ps33:3, 1Tim4:14-15)

  10. God has given us everything need for Life & Godliness (2Pet1:3, Ep3:20)

AT West Toronto Victory ChurchWe invite you to learn more about our services and activities here on our website. If you need more information please do contact us. We are happy to support you and your support.


1515 Britannia Road East, Unit 209, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W4K1.