1. The Bible is Divinely Inbreathed, Infallible & Authoritative Word of God.(Rom1:16,Heb4:12)

  2. There is only One God (John17:3), Eternally Existent in the persons of the Holy Trinity.(Mk12:29, John1:1-4,

  3. In holy living, the Present day Realism of the Baptism in and with the Holy Spirit and the Baptism with Fire in accordance with Acts 2:4, the nine-fold gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit.(Matt3:11;Acts4:3-4, 1Cor12:4-5,11-13,19Ep4:11;Gal5:22-23)

  4. To Glorify God through the Fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt28:19-20) & in the Spirit if the Great Commandment (Matt22:37-39)

  5. Proclaiming the Authority of God's Word without Apology (2Tim4:2)

  6. Lifting High the Name of Jesus through Worship & Lifestyle (Mk12:30, 1Cor3:16-17)

  7. Lead God's people to lift Praise, Worship, Prayer (Neh12:45-46, Ps66:1-4, Ps95:1-2)

  8. Emphasize fresh & Contemporary Expressions while retaining elements that recognize the richness of our Heritage of the Faith (Deut32:7, Ps33:3, Isa46:8-9, Matt13:31, Eph5:19, Rev5:9)

  9. Pursue Excellence in Everything, Knowing that God is Worthy of Our Best (Deut17:1, Ps33:3, 1Tim4:14-15)

  10. God has given us everything need for Life & Godliness (2Pet1:3, Ep3:20)