Our Work

West Toronto Victory Church is committed to leading a profound transformation in the country. Our commitment is to stand firm in our values to build a better world.

REACH every available person, at every available time, by every available means with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

TEACH and train believers to walk in victory in every area of their lives

MOBILIZE the army of God, releasing believers into fruitful and effective ministries all around the world.

If you wish to help contribute to our cause we offer a variety of means to enlist your aid. Click on the links below for more information, and know we appreciate any contribution you wish to make to the cause. 


  1. The Bible is Divinely Inbreathed, Infallible & Authoritative Word of God.(Rom1:16,Heb4:12)

  2. There is only One God (John17:3), Eternally Existent in the persons of the Holy Trinity.(Mk12:29, John1:1-4,

  3. In holy living, the Present day Realism of the Baptism in and with the Holy Spirit and the Baptism with Fire in accordance with Acts 2:4, the nine-fold gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit.(Matt3:11;Acts4:3-4, 1Cor12:4-5,11-13,19Ep4:11;Gal5:22-23)

  4. To Glorify God through the Fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt28:19-20) & in the Spirit if the Great Commandment (Matt22:37-39)

  5. Proclaiming the Authority of God's Word without Apology (2Tim4:2)

  6. Lifting High the Name of Jesus through Worship & Lifestyle (Mk12:30, 1Cor3:16-17)

  7. Lead God's people to lift Praise, Worship, Prayer (Neh12:45-46, Ps66:1-4, Ps95:1-2)

  8. Emphasize fresh & Contemporary Expressions while retaining elements that recognize the richness of our Heritage of the Faith (Deut32:7, Ps33:3, Isa46:8-9, Matt13:31, Eph5:19, Rev5:9)

  9. Pursue Excellence in Everything, Knowing that God is Worthy of Our Best (Deut17:1, Ps33:3, 1Tim4:14-15)

  10. God has given us everything need for Life & Godliness (2Pet1:3, Ep3:20)



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