The prayers you prayed God answerd

14/05/2013 23:57

Carlson / Rose,

Just wanted to let everyone know that my wife had the surgery yesterday (5/9/2013) and that the cyst was already taken out, initial finding is that it is benign. When the doctor talked to us about the challenges that was  present during the operation, it was like a miracle to see that she only had small holes in her tummy(normal laparoscopy was 3 holes, she had 4 ).   She is ok, out of danger and is now  home.   Hopefully her recovery is quick and we will be back to our normal lives in no time(quick is probably 2 weeks).  We will meet the doctor again after 4 weeks to see what action or treatment can be done for the ailment that did cause that cyst.  And hopefully said treatment will not be disruptive to our daily lives.  She lost 1 ovary in this ordeal and also there is still her current ailment, but hopefully these will be more manageable than what we initially feared the most.

Me and my wife would like to thank all of you and Pastor Davis for the prayers and well wishes that you have consistently provided us during those hard days.  Things would’ve been harder without them.  And of course we truly value all of your advice on eating and living a healthier life going forward J Have a wonderful Mother’s day to all! God is good,