12/05/2013 23:20


When was the last time you did something remarkable?

I'm not talking about winning a Nobel Prize or finding the cure for cancer. I'm talking about doing something in such an exceptional way that it causes people to take notice.

I believe every person has the capacity to make a significant contribution to the world. Every person can leave their mark and live so others are influenced in a profound and remarkable way.

I want to tell you today thatsignificance isn't about credit; it's about impact. Think about this: How manydrops of water does it take to make a tidal wave? Or how many snowflakes does it take to create an avalanche?

The answer is: one.

It's always that last drop of water or that last snowflake that makes all the difference. You can be that last drop of water...or that one last snowflake. You may not feel like you are doing anything big, but when you understand significance--how to expand your capacity for greater influence--you position yourself and everyone around you for powerful change.

As you achieve greater success, you must shift your thinking from considering yourself to considering the world around you. It's the difference between going after your own piece of the pie and going after the whole pie factory.

There are two types of people reading this—one has a level of understanding about their significance and desires to increase it; the other is just now awakening to the idea of living a remarkable life. No matter which you are, you have capacity building, increasing your influence, and exponential growth strategies.

Learn how to develop and maintain credibility, increase your productivity, and collaborate for maximum impact—and so much more that will empower you to find and live in your place of significance.

“Don’t blend in, blend out!” It’s time for you to gain the boldness you need to cause an avalanche of impact in the world around you.

Remember, significance starts by making an investment in yourself. If you don’t make the investment, if you devalue yourself and minimize your significance, other people will too.